Customer and Technical Service Updates: October 2019

Frequently asked questions:

1.) When will I receive my results?

    • The specimen must be received by 10:30am on the day of test set-up. Otherwise, the report will be delayed until the next available test set-up.  This can affect turn-around time by up to 7 days for tests not run frequently.
    • Exceptions to 10:30am cutoff:
      • Histo/Blasto/Crypto Antigen: 4:00pm for Tues-Friday
      • Crypto Antigen: 2:00pm for Sat

2.) How should I ship the specimen?

Place the specimen and requisition in a leak-proof bag. Ship refrigerated or frozen in a styrofoam container, inside a shipping box.

3.) How does shipping method affect time to results?

Shipping methods:  shipping methods affect turnaround time.

    • We suggest obtaining a tracking number from your courier to ensure delivery of your shipment.
    • Effect of different shipping methods
      • Overnight: Specimen will be tested in listed turn-around times in chart
      • 2 Day shipping: Add 2 days to listed turn-around time in chart
      • Regular mail: Add 3-5 days to listed turn-around time in chart

4.) Do you accept Saturday delivery?

  • Yes! The specimen must be received by 10:30am on Saturday. Ship overnight, please specify for Saturday delivery.

5.) Do you have a results portal?

  • Not yet, but it's on our to-do list for veterinary clients.

6.) Did you know we offer therapeutic drug monitoring?

  • MVista® Itraconazole by Bioassay, Test Code 312, $43.00.