Michelle Durkin, MS: Research Division Manager

Meet Michelle Durkin, MS: Research Division Manager

Michelle Durkin, MS: Research Division Manager Michelle Durkin, MS: Research Division ManagerMichelle Durkin, MS is a well-published microbiologist with more than 30 years of clinical laboratory experience. In her current leadership position as Research Division Manager, she is responsible for the organization and management of the company’s research and development department. This includes helping to set the company’s strategic direction for new scientific research, developing clinical diagnostic assays and collaborating with external research partners and sponsors. Ms. Durkin is also responsible for R&D staffing, training, workflow management, quality assurance and laboratory equipment and software validation.

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Ms. Durkin joined MiraVista in 2002 after a successful 20 year research career at the Indiana University Medical Center. Her areas of scientific expertise include patient testing, DNA amplification and analysis, protein purification and analysis, carbohydrate purification, enzyme assay development, culture and identification of fungi, microscopy and data analysis. During her tenure with the university, she held a variety of technical and supervisory laboratory positions in the Department of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases and Department of Pathology, focusing on Mycology and Parasitology. In addition to diagnostic research, testing and training, Ms. Durkin also was responsible for teaching mycology and parasitology to medical students and Medical Technology students, presenting at scientific meetings and assisting with large grant-funded research projects.

Ms. Durkin graduated from Indiana University with a master’s of science degree in pathology and laboratory medicine and holds a bachelor’s degree from Marian College. She is an active member of the American Society of Microbiology and her vast research contributions have been widely published in dozens of scientific journals.


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