Beta-D-Glucan Antigen

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    Clinical Significance+-

    The Fungitell® assay measures the presence of (1→3)-β-D-Glucan in serum and CSF. Serum is the only specimen type cleared by the FDA for this assay. Performance characteristics of CSF have been validated by MiraVista Diagnostics.


    Colorimetric Fungitell® assay utilizing a (1→3)-β-D-Glucan -specific Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) reagent.


    Interfering Substance: Turbid or grossly discolored samples due to lipid, bilirubin, or hemolysis. Significantly elevated immunoglobulin concentrations.

    Cross Reactivity/False Positive:
    • Hemodialysis
    • Penicillin antibiotics
    • Fractionated blood products (serum albumin and immunoglobulins)
    • Specimens exposed to gauze or paper wipes

    Turnaround Time+-

    Testing is performed Monday – Friday.

    Results released:  24 – 48 hours

    Reference Range+-

    None detected

    Interpretative Information+-

    Negative: <60 pg/mL
    Indeterminate: 60 pg/mL – 79 pg/mL
    Positive: 80 pg/mL – >500 pg/mL

    Additional Information+-

    * Fungitell® is a registered trademark of Associates of Cape Cod Inc.

  • Specimen Collection+-

    Specimen:  Serum, CSF

    Serum: Collect serum specimens in serum separator tube. Allow blood to clot for 30 minutes, then centrifuge. Send in serum separator tube or pipette serum into a transport tube
    CSF: Submit CSF in a sterile leak-proof plastic tube.

    Volume:  0.25 mL
    Stability: Refrigerated = 5 days; Frozen = indefinite

    Specimen Rejection+-

    Turbid or grossly discolored samples due to lipid, bilirubin, or hemolysis or significantly elevated immunoglobulin concentrations may be rejected due to interference.

  • Transport Temperature+-



    Ship overnight with a cold pack.