Itraconazole Levels

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    Clinical Significance+-

    The MVista® Itraconazole bioassay test aids in monitoring antifungal therapy.




    The result is not intended to be used as the sole means for clinical diagnosis or patient management decisions.

    • Concentration determined on a single specimen may not reflect future concentrations because of changes in adherence, drug dosage, route of administration, absorption, or receipt of other medication affecting absorption or metabolism of the azole.

    Interfering Substance: Other antifungals can cause falsely high results. Stop these at least 1 week before obtaining sample.

    Turnaround Time+-

    Testing performed on Wednesday.

    Results released: 24 hours

    Reference Range+-

    Recommended therapeutic range is 2.0 – 7.0 µg/mL

    Interpretative Information+-

    None Detected: Reported when there is no zone of inhibition.
    <0.3 µg/mL: Reported when the zone of inhibition is smaller than that of the lowest calibrator.
    Positive: 0.3 – 20.0 µg/mL
    >20.0 µg/mL: Reported when the zone of inhibition is greater than the highest calibrator.

    Additional Information+-

    • Follow-up testing may be necessary if there are changes in treatment, including starting or stopping interacting medications, or suspicion of treatment failure.

    Drug levels should be measured after steady-state (at least 2 weeks in dogs & 3 weeks in cats). It is recommended, but not required (due to long half-life), to collect blood sample at trough time (as close to next dose as possible).

  • Specimen Collection+-

    Specimen: Serum

    Serum: Collect serum specimens in serum separator tube. Allow blood to clot for 30 minutes, then centrifuge. Send serum in serum separator tube or transfer tube

    Volume: 0.25mL
    Stability: Room temperature = 7 days, Refrigerated = 7 days, Frozen = 7 days

    Specimen Rejection+-

    Any specimen type other than serum.

  • Transport Temperature+-



    Ship overnight or 2nd day – ambient or with cold pack.