Pythiosis MVista® Pythium Canine and Feline Antibody IgG EIA

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    Clinical Significance+-

    • MVista® Pythium Canine and Feline Antibody IgG EIA, developed at MiraVista Diagnostics, aids in the diagnosis of pythiosis. It is highly accurate in both dogs and cats. This test can be used to help monitor treatment.


    Sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay (EIA)


    No observed cross-reactivity between Pneumocystis and IgG for common fungal pathogens (Blastomyces, Coccidioides, Histoplasma).

    The effect of substances found in cat and dog serum on assay specificity was investigated.

    None of the tested substances resulted in interference.

    Turnaround Time+-

    • Testing performed Tuesday – Friday
    • Reported next day

    Reference Range+-


    Interpretative Information+-

    Positive ≥10.0 EU is Positive (Antibody Detected)

    Negative <10.0 EU is Negative (Antibody Not Detected)

    A positive test result (Antibody Detected) indicates the presence of anti-Pythium IgG antibodies.  Based on IgG kinetics specifically with pythiosis, a positive test result is highly suggestive of active disease. Likewise, a negative test (Antibody Not Detected) result makes active pythiosis highly unlikely.

    Additional Information+-

    This test was developed, and its analytical performance characteristics determined by MiraVista Diagnostics.

  • Specimen Collection+-

    Collect and allow blood to clot for 30 minutes, then centrifuge. Serum separator tube or any tube used for serum is acceptable. Can ship in serum separator tube or in transfer tube without additive.

    Minimum Specimen Requirements+-

    • Serum: 0.25 mL

    Specimen Stability+-

    • Room Temperature: 30 days
    • Refrigerated: 30 days
    • Frozen: 30 days

    Specimen Rejection+-

    • For specimen submissions that do not meet these criteria, please call Laboratory Support (not customer service as is worded)
  • Transport Temperature+-

    Ambient or refrigerated with cold pack.


    Overnight or Second Day delivery recommended.